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What If Making it About You . . .
Meant Making It About Everyone Else?

Is Your Workplace Culture Killing You?

It’s not about me.The mantra is simple enough, but, when taken to heart and lived out on a day-to-day basis, will make a bigger difference than you might realize. A difference that corporate America is in need of. A difference that starts at the bottom and trickles its way up. A difference that doesn’t happen overnight, but will take years to implement.And it starts on page one.

A 20-Minute Talk for Your Team

In 2022, businesses and organizations were hurting from a rough couple years, but also a rough couple centuries of corporate systems and tendencies running rampant. As corporate culture centers around "me", Randall Haug is on a mission to get YOUR team thinking about someone else: them.

Corporate America. Schools. Nonprofits. Churches. If you are a leader trying to instill an "It's Not About Me" mentality in your team, then Randall has a 20-Minute talk suited just for them. Sometimes it just takes an outside source to get the point across! Fill out the form below, and learn more about which of his seven talks is best suited for you.

Family First.
Bottom Line.

In that order. How many of us have the order flipped? The back half of Randall's talk to your team is centered on the most important aspect of your work: your family.

Spreading Good News:
That It's Not About Me.

A big enough mission in life makes life worth living. Randall is on a mission to share this mentality, centered on servant leadership, with anyone and everyone who will listen. It's why he's an author. It's why he's a speaker. It's why he's a catalyst.

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